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Course Curriculum: IELTS Boot Camp

Course Overview

The Foundation EDU IELTS Boot Camp is an intensive four-week course that carousels through the four essential skills assessed on the exam: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Each course is lead by the best and most highly-qualified American English/Language Arts teachers, and these teachers are each supported by college students from elite American universities.

The online boot camp emphasizes practice, feedback, reflection, and discussion, and is supported by a structured, proven methodology that ensures that graduates will excel when it comes time to take the exam.

The textbook for this course, The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS (for academic and general training), offers a comprehensive program that, in the hands of the best teachers, will ensure the best results. It also includes eight practice tests that students can take independently or with the assistance of teachers and their assistants during two Saturday workshops.

Course Details

Time Commitment:

Four courses will be taught per week, Monday through Thursday. Each course is two-hours long. So students will be in class eight hours per week or 32 hours in total for the month.

Saturday Workshops:

On Saturdays, we’ll offer practice test sessions with real-time feedback. These four-hour workshops are optional and multiple teachers and assistants on hand to work personally with students.

Monday/Wednesday Focus / Listening and Speaking

  • Two Cambridge chapters each per session
  • Emphasis on practice, review, and discussion.
  • Frequent breakout rooms with teachers and assistant.

Tuesday/Thursday Focus / Reading and Writing

  • Two Cambridge chapters per session
  • Reading: Emphasis on practice and instant, real-time feedback.
  • Focus on strategies to break down reading passages quickly and effectively.
  • Breakout rooms for discussion.
  • One Cambridge chapter per session
  • Compose on essaypop, an online, writing tool that breaks academic papers into their elemental parts.
  • Emphasis on repeatable strategies and specific organizational structures.
  • Students learn academic phrases, sentence stems, and vocabulary that they can bring to their testing sessions.
  • The next day students are provided with detailed analysis and feedback on their writing.
In Addition
  • Boot camp graduates are always welcome to attend our Saturday practice test workshops, even when the boot camp is done.
  • Boot camp graduates get to keep the essaypop writing platform, a tool they can use for future writing endeavors.
  • Boot camp graduates receive 20% off any Foundation EDU courses they wish to attend in the future.


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