Curriculum High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How many hours must a student commit to the workshop per week?

A - Students will attend four two-hour online sessions per week with their teacher and teacher's assistant. Students may also attend optional practice workshops during a four-hour window each Saturday. So the total time commitment is eight hours per week, plus additional Saturday hours if so desired. Keep in mind, we offer multiple sessions each month and we’ll find the workshop that meets your schedule.

Q- What time do the courses take place?

A- All live sessions take place via video conference on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. Practice sessions are offered every Saturday.

Q- Are grades given for the workshop? How do I know if I've passed the class or improved my skills?

A- Each NBC teacher will prepare a report at the end of the course, however, and this report provides commentary about the writer’s strengths, weaknesses, and improvements during the course. This is more powerful than actual grades because it provides the student writer with tangible and actionable advice. Also, because performance is data-driven, students and instructors will be able to keep a close eye on improvement and growth during the course.

Q- What if my child is underperforming or isn't doing the work?

A- That would indeed be concerning. If a student underperforms during the workshop, the teacher, teacher's assistant, student, and the parents immediately meet in a video conference and sort out what the problem is and what can be done to solve it.

Q- What if the workshop graduate should want additional help after the workshop is finished?

A- All students who go through the workshop may submit two papers for review by our NBC teachers at no cost. This can happen a week after the workshop concludes or months later. We will thoroughly review college application essays, term papers, and other important essays. Also, if a student has a quick question, and wants to email it to us we would obviously respond and provide a detailed answer.

Q- Do students get to keep the writing software they use during the workshop?

A- Yes they do. The essaypop writing platform is a very powerful, online writing tool that will help students compose excellent, structured essays for years to come. It is our gift to our workshop participants.